Armed Protest Planned After Texas County Targets Open Carry Activist

HOUSTON, Texas — Texas gun rights activists are converging on the Waller County, Texas, courthouse to protest what they are calling the “tyrannical” actions of the district attorney there. The D.A. sued the founder of Texas Carry, a gun rights organization that sent notices to 76 government entities complaining that officials are violating the law by excluding licensed to carry (LTC) holders. The Second Amendment activists will be engaging in an “open carry protest.”

The Waller County lawsuit seeks a judicial declaration that the Waller County courthouse is legally off-limits to LTC holders who are carrying. Gun rights activists say they will be open-carrying at the courthouse in Hempstead on Friday, August 12th for the protest.

Waller County D.A. Elton Mathis told Breitbart Texas, “Waller County welcomes peaceful protests and individuals exercising their First and Second Amendment rights.”


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